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Viacom and Virtual Reality

Viacom is a company that holds the keys to many intellectual properties throughout its television networks some of which being the kid friendly characters seen on Nickelodeon and ranging to the characters in South Park and even some reality show stars from MTV. None of these characters were given a second glance when the company decided to get involved with virtual reality technology however.


Instead the company decided to take a musical route with the technology and partner up with musicians like Tyler Hurd to provide people with a different type of virtual experience. One project that Viacom did called, The Melody of Dust, put the users inside of a dreamy room with a miniature tornado in the center.


Users could then pick and choose from different items to throw into the tornado such as flowers or vases. Then the items start floating around and each one makes a distinct noise that eventually morphs into a melody and rhythm. They produced this by having Hot Sugar, an electronica musician, compose and record each sound. Alongside musical endeavors, Viacom is also looking into social experiences as well as narrative projects and they plan to release at least 8 different projects within this year by partnering up with outside collaborators for some of them.


Positional tracking is their main focus at this point in time and it is said that they will not be using any 360 degree videos in the projects coming. Viacom Next is in no rush because the company that oversees it is not looking to make a profit from their endeavors yet so they have plenty of time to experiment and see what works best for them. They want to increase their profile in the next couple of years rather than monetize their projects.

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These are actually just few of the many reasons why more individuals are getting hooked with web cam porn and why this has become a booming industry today.



VR Porn-Essential Things You Need to Know about this Virtual Fucking

VR porn is definitely here and without a doubt, this is going to improve individuals’ digital sex experience. Also, virtual reality porn will change the way that people look at sex forever. Putting individuals in action, VR porn makes virtual fucking look and feel real. Some individuals who have tried this can attest that VP porn or virtual fucking is a completely amazing experience that they surely wanted to experience over and over again.

Never be frightened by technology hassle and do not limit yourself from having the best VR porn experience. Positioning yourself in the realms of new and futuristic intimate times is now easier than you think with the emergence and availability of virtual porn. All you need is a virtual reality headset and reliable lock in your room and you are good to go. It might sound surprising and exciting to know that there are tons of awesome VR Hump videos waiting to be discovered and ready to give you pleasure on your lonely night.  VR Porn-Essential Things You Need to Know about this Virtual Fucking

 The Benefits of VR Porn 

Virtual reality porn is no longer just virtual porn to watch. This is more about being a great experience. This transform individuals’ sex experience into a new and exciting one and also make this a more interactive experience for lots of VR porn lovers and enthusiasts.

While looking at the screen, you can experience more sense of excitement and sensations as if you are one of the active participants of virtual fucking. This is not an ordinary experience though. This is something that many individual today wanted to have. VR porn is believed to change porn for the best. This also carries with it lots benefits for individuals to enjoy.

Virtual reality porn is quickly becoming more popular and apparently, it turned out to the one of the hottest subject in technology. No wonder, many tools and mediums are now being introduced to be able to get VR porn’s complete advantage. This immerge people to a more satisfying and pleasing thing closest to actual sex.

With VR porn, there is heat, pleasure and passion. This comes with adult contents that individuals can explore so that VR fucking will be transformed into a great experience. Though there are some controversial comments about VR porn, no one can ever deny the fact that many individuals are getting hooked to this for good reasons.

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Are you still trapped within watching or doing porn alone in your room? Now is the best time to really upgrade yourself into some modern century familiarity. Individuals are now living in a virtual world and many of them find this world exciting and cool. If there’s one thing that virtual reality excitingly offers; that is virtual porn. Individuals look forwards to using the superb virtual reality technologies in many ways including fulfilling their sexual desires.

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